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How to Create Folders in Your Gmail Account?

It better to keep each and every incoming email well organized and separate, especially when you are a businessman or running an organization in which you need to go through important emails coming from the various employee. It helps you to save your precious time as it is convenient to search the r…

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How to Remove the Hacks from a Gmail Account?

With the rise of hacking technologies, your webmail clients are more vulnerable than ever before. Among these apps, unsurprisingly, Gmail users have been the biggest victims of such hacks. The result, they cannot access their accounts. These hacks are getting pretty and if we have to put it in persp…

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What are the Steps to Add Your Own Photo or Change Theme in Gmail?

Do you want to personalize your Gmail account by changing the theme or setting the image to the background? Well, this is completely personal interest. Gmail consists of an easy view white, black, red, blue and gray by default. This is designed for professional’s as well common users.

Changing …

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What are Reasons Behind the Deactivation of Your Mail Account?

As everyone knows there are a number of email services that are used by a number of users on a regular basis and Gmail is a name that strikes first to the mind of a user. There are the number of reasons behind the disabling of your email account and you need to take care of these given possible reas…

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